About Bill draws everything

Hi, I’m Bill Martin, I’m trained as a reportage artist, ‘Urban Sketcher’, and sometimes ‘Plein Air Painter’. There are a few different terms, but in general, it means I’m the kind of artist that works on location. Quite often the places and events I show up at to make drawings will have lots of people, and invariably when people see me out drawing, they are curious and will ask questions. The most frequent questions is “Do you draw…” and then whatever topic they are curious about. The answer is yes, I draw pretty much everything.

I decided to launch this site as more of a long form answer to that question. A place where I can make more of my work available for people to look at, and also to put down some thoughts about my drawings or drawing in general.

I have a lot of drawings to post, and this is just the start.  So here goes…