Derelict barn and other landscapes

A beautiful old derelict barn. Falling down but gorgeous all the same. It was windy when I made this drawing, and you could hear panels of sheet metal clanging around in the wind.


A house that was right across the street from the barn. I never really noticed it until I was sitting there drawing the barn. But, I kept finding things I liked about it while drawing so I made this little study as well.

I live in a very scenic part of New Jersey where there are all sorts of interesting sights just, even when you are just driving around running errands. These are the kinds of places I make a mental note of to return and make  drawings or paintings when time allows.

The barn in the little mixed media drawing above is one that I have driven by for a few years, often telling myself “man, I gotta get over there and draw that soon, I love the way it looks”.  Sure it was dilapidated, but the shapes and the way the light would drift through the rafters always caught my eye.  Finally, back in April, it was nice enough out to go over there and finally draw. It was a good thing I finally did, when I went back the following weekend, it had finally been taken down.

The two watercolors below I made near the one lane bridge over the Musconetcong River on Point Mountain Road. These were a made a few weeks earlier at the first break from the cold weather and snow storms that seemed to come once or twice a week. I was very happy to be out painting even with the chill in the air.  The next day it got colder and we got a few more inches of snow.