Out and About in Northwest New Jersey

Watercolor study of Main Street in High Bridge, New Jersey

Summer and Fall have provided me with many opportunities to enjoy being outside and making paintings and drawings in Northwest New Jersey.  I was able to participate in a number of Plein Air events, including events in Blairstown, Belvidere (not shown in post but coming soon), Frenchtown, and High Bridge. When I was participating in events, I was out making drawings on my own.

Below are some of the works, click on any image for a larger view.

Columbia Trail, High Bridge, New Jersey

The view down Main Street, High Bridge, New Jersey

The Historic Footbridge in Blairstown, New Jersey

The Frenchtown Inn, Frenchtown, New Jersey.

Bridge Cafe, Frenchtown, New Jersey.

Watercolor of Main Street, Clinton, New Jersey