British Car Day at the Red Mill Museum

Spectators enjoying the chance to talk shop with car owners about their love for British cars. (Click to view larger image)

June 3rd 2018 dawned overcast and a touch drizzly. Fortunately that didn’t keep dozens of British car enthusiasts from showing up at the Red Mill Art Museum’s 23 Annual British Car day.

Whenever I attend a car show to make drawings, I always try to make sure I walk as much of the entire show.  It isn’t easy.  There are so many amazing cars to draw, the temptation is to plant right away and just start drawing. More than once I’ve gotten so involved in a particular car that the car is all that gets drawn, and the car is only part of the story. Sometimes you can miss what is right in front of you.

Last year I made a drawing of a 1935 Auburn Convertible, just an amazingly gorgeous car. As I was wrapping up, the car’s owner walks up to say hello and tells me “you drew the wrong side of the car”, the good stuff is on the other side. I walked around to where he indicated, and sure enough he was right.  So I made a drawing of that side of the car as well.  I’ll post the drawings from that show soon.

For this post, I’ll close with a drawing I made of Ben Abbate’s 1952 Bentley. This is the car that took “Best in Show” at the end of the day. I got to spend more time chatting with Ben later, so I’m hoping to post still more drawings about this car in the future as well.  It is a very special car.